Physical Abuse Counselling & Sexual Abuse Counselling Birmingham

    If you’ve suffered physical or sexual abuse, whether recently or a long time ago, it’s likely to have caused you severe emotional distress. It can take over your life, from feeling anxious and depressed, to experiencing guilt and shame, to having difficulty trusting others and maintaining relationships.

    How I can help – Physical & Sexual Abuse Counselling

    I have a special interest in working with survivors, having worked as a volunteer in a charity supporting people who had experienced sexual abuse as adults and children. This is complex work and requires a skilled and sensitive approach. You may experience strong conflicting emotions, flashbacks, panic attacks and be hypervigilant all of the time. Sadly, this can affect all of your relationships.

    There are a number of trauma focused approaches that I weave into my practice to create a strong, containing and ultimately healing approach. The use of creative interventions often helps people make connections and process memories which talking therapy alone does not achieve.

    Together, we will start to process your experience – I’ll be there to listen, to support and to help you make sense of what’s happened to you. Being able to discuss and process these events is the first step towards reducing the impact of them on your present and future life.

    Bereavement Counselling Birmingham

    Dealing with the death of a loved one is an incredibly emotional and stressful time. Grief is very personal, and you need to feel free to feel how you feel, not try to hide it or deny it. Friends and family often struggle to know what to say and they may be dealing with the loss themselves. Sometimes you may feel under pressure to ‘move on’ before you are ready.

    It’s important that you allow yourself the time and space to work through your thoughts and emotions which may be overwhelming, conflicting and mentally and physically exhausting.

    How I can help – Bereavement Counselling Birmingham

    I will work closely with you to help you understand your feelings, to process your situation or the experience of loss, in a safe and non-judgemental place.

    Grief is not simply about sadness, it is far more complicated and may involve a range of intense and conflicting emotions including shock, pain, anger, relief, guilt and depression. We will work together to help you start to process the loss and I will support and encourage you to find a way to move on, in your own time and way.

    Relationship Counselling Birmingham

    Have you ever wondered why you are in another bad relationship? Have you ever asked yourself – what have I done to deserve this? Maybe you recognise that you struggle to be fully present in some or all relationships?

    Often this is the impact of past experiences that continues to affect how you are in current relationships. If you have experienced neglect or found yourself in a controlling relationship you no doubt struggle to have a sense of who you are. Your self-esteem and confidence may have been eroded away, leaving you with limited expectations for yourself and your life. Even if the neglect or control is no longer happening, it leaves its mark, which can be a crippling burden to carry, It’s important to realise that you do not have to continue these unhealthy cycles - I can help you when you are ready to make changes.

    How I can help – Counselling for Emotional Neglect
    & Controlling Relationships

    I offer a safe and confidential place to talk openly and honestly about your situation. I will encourage you to explore your feelings, to help you identify those unhelpful patterns, recognising what a healthy relationship looks like, and to empower you to make positive decisions in your life.

    A safe place, free of assumptions and judgements.

    I offer a safe place, free of assumptions and judgements where you can talk openly about your past and explore the thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped in those negative cycles.

    Anxiety Counselling & Depression Counselling Birmingham

    Long term or strong feelings of anxiety often manifests in physical conditions such as a high heart rate, sweaty palms, tingling hands, nausea and an inability to think clearly. Depression often leaves people feeling exhausted and lethargic, combined with negative thoughts and a lack of enjoyment of life in general.

    Both conditions can leave you feeling sad, worthless, guilty, negative or isolated. They can also affect your work life, your social life and your relationships. Sometimes people find themselves in the bleakest of places and turn to alcohol, or other unhelpful strategies to numb the impact.

    How I can help – Anxiety Counselling Birmingham
    & Depression Counselling Birmingham

    I will work closely with you to help you understand your feelings and to develop life-long strategies to achieve a more positive life. Together we will work on developing your self-esteem, your resilience, and changing the way you think and feel about yourself and your life.
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