The end goal:

    • 1.

      Develop your resilience.
    • 2.

      Build your belief in your ability to manage life and its many challenges.
    • 3.

      Reduce any physical symptoms of trauma, anxiety or depression.
    • 4.

      Increase your capacity to lead a fuller, happier life.
    My Approach & Beliefs

    In Partnership

    My belief is that, given the right environment and opportunity, we all strive to be the best person that we can be, living healthy and fulfilling lives. In sessions I will create a space that is open, honest and free of judgements or assumptions, a place where it feels safe to connect with and trust someone.

    Together we can begin to address those unhelpful patterns and beliefs that have continued to shape your life.

    Safe and confidential -

    Confidentiality sits at the heart of a counselling relationship. I will work hard to maintain a strong, confidential boundary with you, and should the need arise to share any information we will talk this through together.

    A safe place, free of assumptions and judgements.

    I offer a safe place, free of assumptions and judgements where you can talk openly about your past and explore the thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped in those negative cycles.

    The Journey

    For those who like to find out more about the style of their counsellor, my approach is in Person Centred Therapy. This is a specific type of therapy that is based on a very strong belief in the positive nature of all human beings and the capacity to be self-directional. This approach is embedded in the relationship between client and counsellor, working in-depth in an open and honest partnership.

    We’ll start with an initial telephone conversation, where I’ll take down your basic information and an overview of your situation. Feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have during this call, as it’s important that you feel you can be open and honest with me, and that you feel I am the right person to help you. The next step is to book your first session, during which I will talk you through the process in more detail, including the confidential nature of our sessions. You can then start to share your story with me, which will develop over future counselling sessions. During our sessions, I am there to listen to anything you need to and want to say. I’ll explore your thoughts and beliefs with you, helping you understand where they come from, discussing any distortions with you - and helping you see alternative and positive ways of thinking.
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