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Welcome to Meraki Counselling, which I set up to offer a highly confidential service for people experiencing episodes of stress, anxiety, depression and specific trauma events. You are probably viewing this website because of a recent distressing event or the impact of cumulative painful, unresolved life experiences. Whatever your reason, I recognise that it is a brave step to seek out help and support and I will do my utmost to provide a warm and safe space for you to begin your journey towards healing.

I am an experienced, accredited counsellor / psychotherapist, qualified to support people through most of life’s difficulties. I work with people who may be experiencing anxiety or depression, or who are struggling to manage changes in their life circumstances - such as bereavement, loss and relationship issues. I also have specialist skills in trauma, including childhood neglect, sexual abuse and specific trauma events.

A safe place, free of assumptions and judgements.

I offer a safe place, free of assumptions and judgements where you can talk openly about your past and explore the thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped in those negative cycles.

How I can help

It isn’t easy describing the specific way that counselling works - I believe that each client brings their own unique thoughts and experiences into the relationship and so each journey through counselling may differ. 

Counselling is a process based on the belief that, by exploring your difficulties, you may be enabled to manage your life more effectively. I offer a safe, contained space where you can begin this exploration to discuss your situation, your fears and beliefs openly and honestly - in order to help you make sense of what’s happened, and ultimately to reduce the impact of the situation on your life. 

Having worked with many people who have suffered traumatic events, anxiety and depression, I understand how complicated the associated emotions and beliefs are, and how the ripples of past experiences continue to affect how people view their world and the relationships that they experience, often affecting both physical and mental wellbeing. My goal is to help you gain greater understanding of your situation, so that you can begin to resolve issues and move on with your life. The aim is to develop your own personal resources, enabling you to consider what changes you wish to make. 

Physical abuse counselling birmingham

I offer a safe, confidential and welcoming place to explore those difficult emotions. These may be overwhelming and conflicting and can further the impact on your wellbeing.

Sexual abuse counselling birmingham

Sexual trauma and abuse can affect how you feel about the world and yourself. You may feel unsafe, alone or somehow just different and trusting others can seem almost impossible. Counselling can be a positive step towards changing some of those deeply embedded thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety counselling Birmingham

Anxiety can strongly affect your physical health. I can help you address your anxiety and help you change the way you think to alleviate the distress.

Loss and bereavement counselling Birmingham

There’s much more to grief than sadness, and often friends and family are unable to help with the complexity and range of emotions you may be experiencing.

Depression counselling Birmingham

Depression can leave you feeling exhausted, isolated and guilty. It can affect every aspect of your life. I’m here to help when you’re ready to make a positive step forward.

Counselling for general stress or cumulative life events birmingham

Sometimes people simply feel lost in their lives - an absence of joy that seeps into all parts of their being. Counselling can bring clarity and direction, bringing you deeper and more meaningful levels of engagement in life. 

Relationship counselling birmingham

Often clients are confused by the reoccurring themes in their relationships - failures, abuse, commitment issues. Together we can break the cycles of those patterns and build stronger, sustainable relationships.

Take the first step to a better health
I offer a safe place, free of assumptions and judgements, where you can talk openly about your past and explore the thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped in those negative cycles.

Why work with me?

I bring a wealth of experience to help and support you.
Whilst your own experience is unique to you, I will no doubt have heard others tell similar stories to yours. You can tell me anything, and it will be treated in the strictest of confidence. I will work hard to understand what you are going through and how you feel about yourself and your world - and we can work together to bring change to your life.
I am focused on you.
While I’m here to listen as much as you want to talk, my ultimate goal is to help you make a positive step forward in your life. Whether that’s building your confidence and your self-esteem, or helping you process and come to terms with past events, it’s about reducing the negative impact on your life and creating your own personal resources to achieve a happier, more fulfilling life.

Sessions will be shaped around your needs. You do not need to commit to a specific number of sessions – we will work in partnership to ensure that you get the most out of each session you attend.
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